• Samosa (2pcs)  5.95 :Crispy pastry stuffed with peas, potato, spices and tamarind sauce

  • Spring Rolls (3pcs) 5.95 :Savory crispy rolls filled with fresh vegetables

  • Gobi Pakora 6.95 :Cauliflower pieces mixed in spices and batter- fried

  • Vegetable Pakoras  6.95 :Mixed Vegetable Fritters mixed with Indian spices

  • Sweet Chili Cauliflower  9.95 :Crispy Cauliflower in Spicy sweet glaze topped with sesame seeds

  • Manchurian  9.5 :Finely chopped mixed vegetables dumplings in a homemade tangy sauce

  • Chole Bhature   9.95 :Fried bread with curried chickpeas, salad and pickles

  • Tofu Pakora   9.95 :Tofu marinated in ginger, garlic and batter- fried

  • Vegan Malai Chicken Tikka 9.95 :Vegan chicken marinated in sauce, ginger and garlic grilled